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Atmos RX manufactures a wide range of vaporizer pen products that are all relatively affordable in price.

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This pen is the smallest pen in the world with a really nice sleek appearance that consumers.

Equip with an inner base that ejects the cartridge from the i4, makes for easy access and clean storage.The rating was based on several criteria, including price, versatility, durability, design, taste, and ease of refill.The AtmosRx or previously known as Atmos Raw is a dry herb combustion style vaporizer is designed and manufactured by Atmos Nation, LLC.

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Originally called the Atmos RAW, the AtmosRx Vaporizer is a high-performance herbal vaporizer that is designed for dry blends.

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It is a vaporizer, which works both with dry herbs and concentrates.The most appealing aspects about this product are clearest taste and easiest pull.

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Worked like a charm for me and minimized the odor after a hit even further.The Atmos RX Mesh Filter is an original equipment manufacturer part that is ready to be used in your Atmos RX Vaporizer Pen.One of the products that is topping the rating chart is Atmos RX Raw.If the Atmos Raw is to make it to your list of possible purchase, let them fix the problem of combustion first.The Vidcod 5G 2nd Generation by Atmos is a portable Vaporizer that supports both dry herb and wax.

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The 7mm honeycomb vaporizer glass filter was specifically designed for the diameter of the Atmos Raw.

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Atmos is the home of the best vape pen, dry herb vaporizers, e-liquid and wax vape pens.Atmos Raw Vaporizer has a lithium-ion battery that is advanced to provide the ideal amount of energy needed to maintain a steady temperature inside of the heating chamber.The Atmos Raw provides easy, on the go vaporization of dry products.Accessories (included): 1 - Lithium Ion Battery 1 - Ceramic Heating Chamber 1 - Mesh Filter 1.Made from the highest quality medical grade stainless steel and ceramic components.

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Atmos i4 is the latest product in the Atmos Nation line of vaporizers.It is sleek, lightweight, and comes with advanced vaporizing technology as well as a powerful battery.The Atmost Raw is a small and discreet pen style vaporizer designed only for cannabis concentrates instead of regular loose leaf vaporizers (however, Atmos does produce a dry herbs attachment in case you want to vaporize loose leaf instead of concentrates).

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This unit is not only extremely versatile, but also has a fantastic light-weight design making it both portable and attractive.

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Stylish, portable, and designed with discretion in mind, it can be carried with you wherever you go.The concept is almost like a fountain pen, measuring 5 inches in height and.5 inches in diameter.

Originally, Atmos shipped these out to everybody with it combusting herbs and performing like an electronic pipe, not a vaporizer.Smaller, lighter and more discreet than the Atmos RX or the Atmos Raw.


The Atmos RX vaporizer is an easy, one button vaporizer with the ability to vape both dry herb and wax in the same chamber.The Atmos RX portable vaporizer is one of the most powerful vaporizers available for use with solid concentrates.

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Atmos has created many styles of vaporizers in the many years they have been operating, mostly they have created dry herb, wax and oil pens.

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If you found this listing then you should already by familiar with this product.The i4 is a multi-function vaporizer, which can be used for vaping, sterilizing, and charging.

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