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That way the marble nails have appeared and became an ultimate trend that every fashion.

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For that, you may like the water marble nail technique, which has become very popular among ladies at the moment.Now getting dressed is not just tied to wearing makeup, good clothes and shoes.Have a few backup bottles in different brands just in case, since not all polish works as marbling.

Water marble nails look like colorful swirls on your nails but the other marble nails look like stone and granite.

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Yes, marble nail arts are extremely hot right now and I think that this is a trend that is here to stay as they look really chic and eye-catchy while being easy to DIY.

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While the nails will all match in color scheme, each nail will have its own unique swirl pattern.

That marbled counter top in your kitchen or even bathroom might just serve as the inspiration for your next manicure.

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Water marble nails are a nail art technique involving dropping nail lacquers into clear water and creating a pattern on the water surface, the pattern is then transferred to the nails.

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Let the mixture cool and spray a thin layer onto your cotton paper.

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The fashion bloggers immediately accept the new fashionable appearances, and spread the novelties all around the world.

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Apply a base coat to your nails to enhance the color intensity and to help the polish colors stick to your nail surface easily.It also gives your nails a clear visible water marble effect and makes your nail colors look more vibrant and brighter.You can use a white base coat or any other color of your choice.

If you are looking for a fun DIY nail design to try out, give the marble nails look a go.The procedure is much easier and you will love the marble nails resembling the exact textures of a granite or stone.

The marble effect uses a lot of nail polish, so stay on the cheaper side.People may create this nail style on themselves or get them professionally done in order to achieve the effect.

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How to Marble Nails Awesome Nail Polish Marbling Technique

This project can be very messy, so cover your work surface with old towels or newspaper before you begin.

Marble shades always remind us of some immemorial, primordial beauty.Cover the skin around your nails with tape or cuticle oil to simplify cleanup.White marbled nails are the latest manicure trend appearing on the fingertips.You can use your marble nail design on your natural nails or on acrylic nails.Again, this whole process from when you pour the nail polish to when you dip the mug should take about 10 seconds or less.


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