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This means you will only need to watch what you eat and track your calories for 8 hours.

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The key to the 8 Hour Diet is only consuming calories within an eight-hour window each day.

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I was just reading a very interesting book about it from Mens Health called the 8 HOUR DIET.

REVIEW: The 8-Hour Diet: Watch the Pounds Disappear

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Calorie consumption has been the same, or less, and I have done the 8 minutes of exercise as suggested every morning.

I'm starting the 8 hour diet, so far a success! (lost 7

A paradigm-shifting diet plan that allows you to eat anything you want, as much as you want—and still strip away 20, 40, 60 pounds, or more.The 16:8 version of intermittent fasting restricts eating to an 8-hour window.The 8 Hour Diet is a popular weight loss plan from David Zinczenko the author of the best-selling book Eat This Not That.According to this diet, our bodies are designed in this way and the 16- hour period serves for resting our body.

You might take a look at my ebook, The 4-Hour Diet is better than The 8-Hour Diet.Outside the 8 hours, you need to keep to near-zero cals, because the idea of fasting is not to raise insulin at all during this period.

The 8-Hour Diet: Watch the Pounds... book by David Zinczenko

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The 8-Hour Diet assumes that you are fasting for 16 hours every day and eating all of your food in an 8-Hour window.

Fit by Example: The 8-Hour Diet (Intermittent Fasting)

For many people, going against the norm and skipping breakfast seems to be the easiest way to practice time-restricted eating.

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Start of the 8 hour feeding-window. 8-9 PM: Last meal before the fast.The thought process behind this is that the body should be focused towards repairing and resting, rather than continuously digesting food.Surpisingly, the 8 Hour Diet has very little in common with the 4 Hour Diet.

Try This 8-Hour Diet Plan for a Noticeable Weight Loss


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