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The bigger the container and the more solution that you have in it, the easier it is to evenly tan the hide.Preservation and Tanning Supplies for Taxidermy at Quality Taxidermy Supply A listing of essential preservation and tanning supplies for taxidermy available at Quality Taxidermy Supply.

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I am becoming a deer hair bug addict and Im now curious about how tough it is to tan your own hides.

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Learning how to tan a deer hide is not a difficult task, but it does take some manual labor and a lot of time.Keep the pelt submerged and stir it gently from time to time.

Whether your needs are new or used tanning beds, parts, complete salon design, consulting, technical support or logistics, 2nd Sun Tan is your one stop solution.

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We have bought back machinery that was manufactured years ago and also have other Fur Dressing Machinery for sale that are used in processing animal hides and furs.I have been told that you can run it through cheese cloth to remove the resulting cadaver mold, and the solution will still be fine to use, but it kinda grosses me out.

Prepare a tanning solution of 4 gallons of water, 1 pound of granulated alum, and 1 pound of salt.Leave the pelt in the solution for five (5) days(or more, up to 2 wks. if the solution does not get over 75 degrees).

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Used by professional taxidermists for years, Tannit is now available for the do-it-yourself sportsman.Immerse the pelt in the tanning solution, push it down with the wooden paddle, and stir slowly.


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She put the whole hide in a tanning solution of acorns and bark that she boiled.This recipe will make enough solution for four large animals or ten rabbits.

Organic Spray Tan Solution made by SJOLIE is the premier luxury spray tanning line available on the market.As previously mentioned, you want to use wooden, plastic or masonry containers to do the soaking in.

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What is the best tanning solution to use on raccoon, Coyote, and possibly deer.

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I would like to tan a couple small beaver pelts I put up this year (too small to sell and too small to send out for professional tanning.After the alum tan,once the skin is re-tanned with a true tan like chrome of veg,there will be no degradation of the skin.Tanning your own deer hide - posted in The Fly Tying Bench: As a hunter, I have access to deer hides most of the fall between me, family members, and hunting buddies.

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And when done correctly, brain tanning transforms deer hide into buckskin.Tanning hide into leather involves a process which permanently alters the protein structure of skin, making it more durable and less susceptible to decomposition, and also possibly coloring it.NO extra charges for hair cleaning or removal of dried blood, SHORT -Y INCISION (Other Tanneries charge an additional 15% for this on the North American animals), bear claws do not need to be wired, nor will you be charged to wire them.

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Also works great on elk, moose, deer (hair on or off), and even snakeskin. 8 oz. bottle tans 1 deer hide or 2 medium sizes fur skins.

Along with meat, each animal you take also provides you with a pelt if you wish to take advantage of it.

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If it is to be mounted by a taxidermist, or sent to a tannery, cut the hide well behind the front legs and remove the hide up to the neck, cut the neck bone with a hack saw.I have trapped for a while but never actually tanned the hides myself.Like most jobs worth doing, considerable physical effort and a substantial amount of time are required to produce a high quality finished product.Using a tanning oil solution, which can be purchased online, evenly coat the flesh side.

But if you want to produce your own tanning solution, you may use any of these options: brain tanning, alcohol and turpentine, or salt and alum.

Animal Skin Tanning Services OFFICIAL PAGE We offer a contract skin tanning service to Hunters, Farmers or anyone who would like any sort of Animal skin tanned.Native Americans used animal brains as a natural emulsifier to soften and preserve hides.


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